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When I first ran for Senate in 2010, I promised I would bring my 20 years of problem-solving experience to state government.

SolutionCenter.pngWorking together, we have Michigan on the comeback trail!  We have added over 250,000 private sector jobs and there are 26,000 job openings within a 30 minute commute of the 7th State Senate District!  Yet, much work remains. Please consider joining my campaign to restore the principles of limited government and personal freedom to the operations of our state.


Colbeck Grateful for Overwhelming Voter Support in Primary Victory

Colbeck Files for Re-Election as 7th District State Senator

Obamacare Alternative:  Patient-Centered Care

Medicaid Expansion:  There is a better way

Conservative Star on the Rise in Michigan 

How did Michigan become a Right to Work State?

Avoid the Obamacare Bait and Switch

Where do all those tax dollars go?

How to raise road money without raising taxes 

We need to empower parents, not limit school choice

We need more footprints

New 7th District UPCOMING EVENTS

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